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Back Massage

Clinical & Sports Massage Therapy

Reducing Pain and Restoring Function

Back Pain  |  Neck + Shoulder Pain  |  Shoulder Impingement  |  Frozen Shoulder  |  Nerve impingement  |  Tendinopathy  |  Strains + Sprains  |  Hip + Pelvis Pain  |  Plantar Fasciitis  |  Whiplash  |  Tension Headaches  |  TMJ  |  IBS  |  Chronic Fatigue  |  Fibromyalgia  |  Scar Tissue  |  MS  |  Asthma

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"I saw Ellie for weekly treatments to address discomfort from a hiatus hernia.  I'm really pleased with the progress. I have a new awareness of how to manage my condition through her sessions and exercises.  I've learned from her and always leave feeling so much more comfortable."


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